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New Leadership Delivering Results for North Florida
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Tallahassee resident and Miami native Sheria Griffin has been a

vocal advocate for citizens in Leon and numerous surrounding counties.

She is a dedicated mother of three and has been happily married

for twenty-three years. 


After graduating from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,

she worked as a Campaign Assistant for several non-profit organizations. 

Her responsibilities included planning and implementing statewide

training programs to help constituents become effective advocates for

abused, abandoned, neglected, and at-risk children. 

She also provided support to agencies and individuals working with this vulnerable population.


Witnessing the challenges faced by underprivileged children and their families inspired Sheria to obtain a Florida Teacher’s Certificate. She went on to serve as an educator in both Gadsden and Leon counties, managing classrooms and creating an educational environment where students could reach their full potential in intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological growth for nearly 13 years; where she earned Florida Impact Teacher the first year the recognition was introduced by the Florida Department of Education.  


Additionally, she served as Regional Director of North Florida for a tutoring company dedicated to addressing academic shortfalls among students in Title I Schools or those eligible for free or reduced lunch.  During her time in the classroom, Sheria realized she wanted to have a broader impact, particularly in advocating for workers. Currently, she holds the position of Executive Director, representing over 2,000 public educators, including bus drivers, custodians, teachers, speech pathologists, paraprofessionals, and other job families. She also negotiates wages, health insurance, and working conditions for the Central Panhandle Teachers and Support Professionals. 

Sheria is a forward-thinking and passionate individual

who believes in finding common ground for the benefit of all. 

She has observed how the political landscape has become

distorted, prioritizing POWER and PARTY affiliations

over the needs of the PEOPLE. 

She sees the upcoming 2024 elections as an

opportunity for citizens to unite at the polls and raise awareness

about the true values and priorities of Floridians. Sheria has witnessed firsthand the hard work of Florida’s labor force, especially during the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Despite the difficulties, Florida not only survived but thrived due to the dedication of its robust labor force. She has also seen the struggles faced by North Floridians in terms of healthcare cost, access to quality local providers, and affordable prescription drugs.  As a citizen, Sheria firmly believes that the quality of our democracy relies on our ability to reason, empathize, rely on factual information, and actively participate, even when politics may seem disheartening.  She views being a citizen as the most crucial role in a democracy and believes it’s time for citizens to reclaim their right to be heard and considered at the decision-making table. Sheria is committed to ensuring that the hopes and dreams of our children not only survive but thrive in the great state of Florida. 

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